Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recitas p minhas amigas -

Ola amigas brasileirissimas!!! vou comecar a colocar as receitas p biscoitos com fotos p vcs verem como deve ficar...
Este sao os "Chocolate Surprise cookies"

2 3/4 xicara de farinha de trigo (sem fermento)
3/4 xicara de chocolate em po (meio amargo)
1/2 colher de cha de bicarbonato de sodio
1 xicara de manteiga
1 1/2 xicara de acucar mascavo
1/2 xicara + 1 colher (sopa) acucar (branco/ cristal ne?) - dividido- a colher de acucar sera p rolar os biscoitos antes de assar
2 ovos
1 colher (cha) baunilha
250 gramas de caramelo - 1 caramelo p cada biscoito, esta receita da aproximadamente 40 biscoitos

Preaqueca o forno 190C, asse por 10 a 12 minutos
rendimento : 3 1/2 duzias

Combine farinha, chocolate em po, bicarbonato e fermento em um refratario; deixe la sentadinho olhando p vc...

Bata manteira, acucar mascavo, 1/2 xicara do acucar comum, em velocidade media ate leve e fofo ( 'e assim que descreve em ingles - light and flutty haha); acresente ovos e baunilha. Graduamente adicione a farinha a amiguinhos que vc combinou anteriormente. Cubra a massa; leve a geladeira por 15 minutos ou ate a massa estar em ponto de enrolar (?).

Colloque aquelha colher de acucar + 1/2 xicara de amengoas quebradilhas em um prato. Faca as bolinhas, lembrando de colocar o caramelo no meio, enrole ate cobrir o caramelo. Para decorar pressione um lado do biscoito na mistura ( acucar e amendoas). Leve ao forno asse de 10 a 12 mandem fotos...

Fazer biscoitos 'e uma de minhas paixoes aqui nos US...foi colocar mais receitas p vc meninas!!! Muitos beijinhos

Ps: quando vcs estiverem fazendo biscoitos liguem o som bem alto com suas musicas favoritas...e 'e para dancar tambem, mesmo que seu esposo (se vc for casada) ache que vc esta ficando doida :) eles vao adorar os biscoitinhos feitos com amor!!!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas preparations...

Working at Ups is great until christmas time :O for the past 2 weeks I have been working 6 days a week, almost 10 hours a day, no time to eat, sit or pee....its yesterday I finaly got a break, having the day off, so when I woke up I was so excited to put the christmas decorations up -6 days before christmas :( - Since we had no time to go shopping I used everything we had from 07 cause last christmas we were living at the here is how it turned out

And Steven has been such a good fish, I had to decorate his bowl as well...I think he likes it...

Monday, December 7, 2009


I really enjoy baking...earlier today I just felt like baking some cookies so here they are.. It brought me such good memories, cause baking and listening to christmas songs made me think when I first got here in US, I used to go over to the Olivetti's house and help Jutta babe with her christmas cookies and her no special occasion cookies haha ...I miss her very very much!!! Thanks for teaching me how to make delicious cookies Jutta babe!!! Love ya...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas party 09

Ohhh my goodness...has been so long since I blogged, I forgot how much I enjoy it!!
Last night was our ward christmas party, and oh boy we worked hard on this one...We woke up at 7a.m and worked non stop until almost 9p.m...I cant believe we have been serving on this calling for more than a year now...this was our 2nd christmas party, and we had a huge turn many people goshhh...I was so happy everything worked out just fine, I always get all worried, and nervous and ofcourse Nathan has to put up with my craziness hahaha...poor Nate...
I was so upset cause I brought my camera and SURPRISE, no memory card :( so frustrating...but no worries, a lot of people brought cameras WITH memorie cards in I will get some pics to post here, cause a blog isn't a blog without pictures!!!

So many things happened lately, last week Nate's parents and sis came for thanksgiving, we had a wonderful long weekend with them, and for the first time, in my almos 3 years of US, I experienced the black friday madness hahaha I was so excited with all the cheap stuff. I think I am gonna start a black friday fund, so I can buy more and more cute stuff next year...we had thanksgiving dinner at Suzy and Mike's house, everything was great, we were encharged of desserts, so we made a pumpkin cheesecake, cookies and pie...the cheesecake was sooo darn good :)
On saturday Snow ( Nate's mom) took Suzy and I to a Spa here in town called Indigo, it was so awesome, Thanks Snow!!Then we all went to the movies to see The blind side, it was a wonderful!!
Nathan's parents are so loving, I feel very lucky to have great in laws...

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Time to tell all about the awesome time we had with Snowflake, Jordan and Corey in Disney World...

Should have gone with plan A...

So, Cory and Jordan didn't know we were coming and we were trying to figure it out how to surprise him. The first plan, or plan A was to send him a text message saying: "why do you have a blue T-shirt on?" or " nice t-shirt you have on" something like that...Plan B (the failure) sneak behind him tickle and scare him PS: Corey doesn't like to be tickled or here is what happened: then, he whipped Nathan's arm with his wicker hat... Yeah, I did take a pic...hahah After the welcomings, we went to our room to change, so we could enjoy the pool with the family...Jordan was so happy, she is getting so big, cuter and cuter every day... The hotel was great, made me wanna watch toy story

The little Teeth...

It was pretty warm in Fl, reminded me of Brazil!!! That first night we went to Chef Mickey for dinner, on our way there it was necessary for us to take a escalator down to the restaurant. Snow was holding Jordan's hand, making sure she got on okay. Meanwhile, (we are still not sure how) Snow fell. She layed there, motionless and speechless. We were behind her confused...she was laughing so hard, she couldn't pull herself back up. When she finally got up she said "little teeth" on the escalator stair bit her (on her arm and leg). We hate to see Snow get hurt, but it was very funny... In the morning we went to the breakfast with the princesses, Nathan wore a hat ( that he took off when we were inside), didn't wear his contacts, and hadn't shaved ( what was he thinking?...). So all the princesses passed by every table to take pictures with the kids...when I stepped up to take a pic with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she looked at Nathan and with her princess-like delicate voice and asked " Is that your handsome beast?" hahaha and I said: " Yes he is!". Snow and I kept teasing him all day... It's a Small World... That was Jordan's favorite ride, after going on it 5 times she even new the dance the dolls were doing...soo funny!!! I put together a slide with some pictures of this awesome trip...hope you enjoy

We loved our vacation, It was WONDERFULLLLL!!!!We miss you guys already, we had a fantastic time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Loving my new calling...

2 weeks ago I was called to be the nursery song leader (is that right)? Oh well I am responsible for the singing time with the babies ( 1 1/2 - 3 year old kids)...and I AM LOVING IT!!! sure I had to give Nathan a hard time, telling him I wouldn't be able to do it, I didn't grow up in the church bla bla bla...and as usual he had to convince me I could do it..awww Nate you are the best!!! Also our good friend Becca helped me out A LOT!!!
So, I started looking for cute stuff to do, and oh man I love my cricut, I even made little Itsy Vitsy Spiders, they love it...It feels great having fun with little ones, I feel like I am gonna be a awesome mother someday hahaha... Becca let me practice the songs with her 2 year old boy Eli, he a funny kid I love spending time with him...There is a song called Hinges I just sang with the kids last Sunday and here is how it goes - I promise I have a point for writing down this song other than just showing you how cute these nursery songs are-
" I am all made of hinges 'cause everything bends,
from the top of my neck way down to my ends,
I and hinges in front, and I am Hinges in back,
But I have to be Hinges or else I would CRACK" the crack part I fall on the ground, the kids love it!!!

Sooo two nights ago Becca told me Eli asked her to sing the CRACK song for him...Ohh Gosh, I am glad Becca knows this one, imagine what a parent would think?! I love doing the movements during the songs and being goofy...I am gonna post pictures soon...

Look how adorable the Itsy Bitsy spiders I made with my cricut (I love you cricut)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Birthday wishessss

My Birthday and Nathan's were 2 weeks ago we had so much fun, his parentes were here, so we all wet out to are some picssss...cause a blog is not a blog without pictures!!!

and on Nate's B-Day Suzy, Mike Nate and I went to Red Robin...We even had teh "birdy" singing to Nathan hahha his face was precious

and on our way back home look what happened...

Flat tire...Mike trying to fix it

My New Saying...

"The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache."
— Marjorie Pay Hinckley

It's so true...I tryed both ways, and laughting is way more pleasant...
Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This week I received a letter from one of my best friends Elizama Bezerra ( Sister Bezerra for now), she is serving a mission in Sao Paulo - Brazil for our church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - in her letter she asked me how I knew the Nathan was the I started thinking about my feelings for my husband, how special these feelings are, but to describe it I decided to read my journal from the time we were online dating, It was such a good thing to read my journal, and see that from the beginning I knew that he had the qualities I was looking for in a eternal companion...after crying feeling so much joy, I decided to read it all hahhaha I am so grateful for keeping a journal, It served as a wake up call for me, to always remember the wonderful experiences, the blessings, the hard moments that we passed through together...To always remember who I am and what my priorities in life are!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 4th

We had such a great time, Missy C is spending her vacation here in NC with us, and she was all excited about the 4th of July party...we made Snowflake's (N8's mom) famous pasta salad, Nathan convinced me to double the recipe, cause "there would be lots and lots of people at the party" yeah right, he wanted a bowl just for is his favorite food hahah Love you Nana..trying to trick me huh?! so after making 2 huge bowls of pasta salad and still having some left we went to the party...Missy had a very cute outfit, even her socks had American flags on it hahaa...when we got there I could smell one of MY favorite foods HOT DOG YAY Jayden!!!! Jayson was the chef, and he is good at it, nothing got burned Good Job Jayson!!! We played games, watched the fireworks the guys provided hahaha...when it was dark we all sat by the fire and we listed to "scary" stories, actually the stories were more funny than scary...It's really good to have friends, Thank you Emily and Jayson for having us over!!!
Check some of the pictures out...

Looks at these two pretty girls and Josh... you are pretty too Josh!!!

Missy C and my handsome husby...

my delicious food

OUr happy table

and the fireworks were better than this...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sean's Wedding

YAY we went to PA again, this time for Nathan's best buddy's are some pictures...My best friend Lucy is awesome with pics, she took some great pictures at the wedding, she is going to post some on her website

Yes that's right, Nathan danced 2 songs with me!!! Good job Nana!!!

Nate was a handsome my husby!!!

I love him...

We love you guys!!!

Nathan and Sean...We are sooo happy for you!!!

And Sunday we went to Lucy and Andre's house to watch Brazil x USA the final...YAY BRAZILLLL...the first half we thought for sure that US would win the game, Andre even changed his T-shirt hahaha

Lucy was sleeping...

I was texting my friend in NY who wrote me " que mulesta 'e essa" = What the heck is that...

And Andre celebrating the goal!!!!

It's always great to go to PA, spend time with the people we love the most!!! When we came back Missy C (Melissa, Nathan's sister)came with us to stay a couple of weeks, I will make sure I take lots of pics, so I can post about her stay!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Relief Society is AWESOME

Me when I turned 18...

I remember how scared I was 4 years ago leaving the Young Woman Organization to go to Relief Society, I didn't wanna be with the "old ladies" hahah how silly huh?! But I knew I would learn so much in that organization...When all my fears went away, and I was ready for the change, I was called as YW adviser, yes that's right I didnt' go to RS when I turned 18, then I got released from YW, I thought "great, now I can be part of the ladies club" hahah Wrong, I was called as second counselor in Primary, so for 2 years after turning 18 I didn't experience Relief society, until I came to US, and all the women treated me with so much love, Kind, patient... I truly love the RS, I love going to church on Sundays, and every week I look forward to go to RS, the classes are amazing, the feelings that I am a special daughter of our Heavenly Father are very strong there...this past Sunday, sister Eshiet taught about the power of forgiveness it was such a spiritual class, I realize how ease life is when we don't keep bad feelings about others, don't take offense (I know this is a hard one)...But having a grudge really hold us back in life, and hurts us more then anybody else! After that class I realized that I need to be a happier person everyday, and just let go of things that may let me down with my testimony, and with people that I love and care about...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a man...

Everytime we get a new piece of furniture Nathan has to convince me that it will look good...with our coffe table wasn't diferent...we got it for free, and sure we were all excited about free stuff, but when we moved to our apartment I wanted something nicer looking, that would match with our new awesome couch, but the money was tight so we had to stick with the old, not hot looking coffee table.., that is when Nathan steps in hahaha our friend Jamie suggested us to spray paint it, so Nathan did it...and check it out, what a difference, now our free coffe table looks way better...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our trip to PA

Last month Nathan, Suzy and I went to Scranton for Mom's day, we had a lot of's always great to spend time w/ our family!! Suzy had a great ideia to remodel her mom's (snowflake's) kitchen, so we all went out to pick new courtains, paint, it was "great times" hahah...We went to Jordan's ballet recital, it was the cuttest thing I've ever seen...I want to have a baby girl hahahha!!! She did a great job, she was very gracious!!! after the recital Jordan received flowers, hugs and kisses...then we all went to friendly's to have some amazing icecream!!!Thennnn Nathan and I went over to our BFFS Lucy and Andre, we played guitar hero until 3 in the morning...awww I miss them so bad, I love my friends, I wish they were here with us...bua!! On sunday we went to church, I was huged so many times, I felt so loved...I love the Scranton ward, my first church family here in US, they are all amazing!! Can't wait to go visit again!!! THENNNNNN Guess what?! When we came back part of the amazing Olivetti family came following us to stay for one week!!!! They are such great people, too bad Lisa babe and Dad Joe couldn't come...I hope they came next time!!!
Life is good, we have a awesome family, great friends, we have a wonderful gospel that gives us hope everyday, we have each other!!! Love ya Nana, love you too Steven my little fish!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I never saw the video before...FUNIEST parody ever

I found this parody of Total eclipse of the heart literal video version, and now I can't stop laughting...please take 5 minutes of your life to watch's worth it hahahha...I am crying now...I've heard the song many times before and I love it, but the video is pretty creepy...can't stop laughting...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Pet Steven!!!

Yes, that's right we've got a pet, he has such a great personality, he loves to swim, play dead, eat and watch mom and Dad talking to him...
We brought Steven into our home in April, and he has made us happier since then. We love our little buddy, hope you like the pics...

(Portuguese)Pois 'e nos temos um bixinho de estimacao, ele tem uma otima personalidade, ele ama nadar, fingir de morto, comer e olhar mamae e papai conversar com ele...
Nos o trouxemos p casa em Abril, eele tem nos feito mais flizes desde entao. Amamos nosso amiguinho, esperamos que vcs gostem das fotos...

He loves sun baths...Ele ama tomar banho de sol

He loves to pose to mommy - Ele ama posar para mamae

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amazing dancer...

I was bored out of my mind one morning at work, so I started looking at the magic videos on youtube, then I rememberd that a UPS driver told me he played in a band called "rubber band" so I decided to check it out...I found something amazing...The best dancer ever, he knows how to shake hahaha...I love this grandpa...
See it for yourself

Eu estava sem ter nada p fazer no trabalho, entao decidi olhar videos no youtube, entao lembrei que um motorista do UPS (compania para qual trabalho) me falou que tocava em uma banda chamada "rubber band" entao decidi procurar videos da banda, e achei o melhor dancarino, ele sabe como remexer hahhaa...Eu amo esse vovo
Veja por si mesmo.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our new home...

On March 1st Nathan and I moved from the Lineberry Land, we rented an apartment pretty close to where we work...It was a long journey...our plan was to rent a truck on Friday after we got off work, drive to PA Saturday morning, and come back sunday would be a pretty crazy we decided to leave on Friday for our 8 hours trip, poor Nathan the truck didn't have cruise control, I am so glad I am married to a tuff guy...after 5 hours driving he couldn't feel his foot hahah so I had to step on the gas so he could strech his legs...after that we stoped very quick, cause we wanted to get there sooo we ate and went back to the road...we got in PA at 1a.m. Nathan's mom (Snowflake)was sleeping when we got there, and she was expecting us to get there on saturday afternoon sooo at 6a.m I heard footsteps, someone going to the bathroom, then I put my head out of the door and said: " Snowww!!!" She was so scared...Nathan said I should have scared her for real, since she is the big teaser in the family... It was very funny...the first thing we did was go to Sams clube with snow and Dad to pick up paper supplies for the scrapbook day we were going, and to get a home warming present snow and dad wanted to give us...the present was a awesome kitchen aid mixer...OH MY GOODNESS it is the most awesome gift everrrrr...I LOVE IT!!!!!Then we ( snow and I) went scrapbooking while Nate, daddy and Cory were put all our stuff in the truck...Nathan was so excited to see our things, he kept calling and sending me text messages, after the loaded the truck they went to a furniture store to buy a couch, the he kept sending me pics so I could pic one...we finally decided which one we wanted...I am gonna put some pictures soon... It was a quick visit, but it was really enjoyable, it's always great to spend time with our mom and daddy...they are the best!!!
Soooo we came back no NC, so happy, excited to put everything away, too see our home sweet home ready...We love this apartment, Nate gets all the credits for finding it...but's not the end, the day we were comming back started snowing, and gets better...the GPS took us trough the steep mountains in Virginia...and it keeps getting better...that day everyting closed cause it was going to be the worse snow storm in the past 4 years here in Greensboro, NICE hum?!But we came anyway...after all we survived hahahha...We learned so much during this past months, we grew as a couple, we are so gratful for all the blessings that many times we didn't recognize, Heavenly Father does watch over us. We are very thankful for Suzy and Mike for sharing their home and puppies with us, when we needed so much, we really love you guys and the puppies (Shelby is my favorite haaha), we had such a good time.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The ward christmas Party

Nathan and I were called as ward activity chair leader...(is that how you say it??) has been a wonderful calling, it is kinda crazy 1 week before the activity...the christmas party was our secondy activity, and so far the main one...we did a service project, was simple, fun, and everybody loved it...the primary prepared a nativity which was beautiful here goes the video...

We are so gratful for the opportunity we have to serve, and for having wonderful leaders and friends who helped us to put everything together... The activity was on dec 20th, the members donated hygine items to put kits together to a organization called Mary's Homes, also we had cards written for less active families in our ward, I made lots and lots of cookies... It was really fun, and spiritual...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!!! Yeahhh