Friday, January 28, 2011

Our first home

2010 was a WONDERFUL year for Nathan and I, we got new callings at church, my mom came ro visit, my sister had a healthy beautiful baby, Suzy and Mike are expecting their first baby, we met some great new friends, Nathan started his bread business and I started working with him...Heavenly Father has blessed us greatly. To complete such an amazing year we found the perfect home for us!!! We started the process to buy our new home in December, it was a very long month then January was even longer, but we finally closed on our dream home. We had been looking for houses but they just didnt feel right. We are so happy and greateful for our Heavenly Father's love, we know he watches over us and He knows what is best for us, we just have to be patient and do our are some pics :)

Moving our stuff to new new house was easy with our bread truck :)

17 blinds later...I was tired