Thursday, May 19, 2011

Harris Teeter triple coupon

I watched an episode of Extreme Coupon on TLC, and I understand there is no way Those people are saving that much, but I have good friends who save A LOT of $$ by using coupons. So I decided to start couponing. Why? well I am in 5 grocery stores everyday (with my bread man) so I figured I would be dumb if I didnt take advantage of THAT, but of course I will be buying things we normally use and not just junk haha ...I started to look for tutorials on youtube on how to start and I found Jenny's videos from and her method is not so time consuming, so I decded to start as she teaches (but now I cant wait to get a hudge binder hahah) Sooo, I have been collecting coupons for 5 weeks now, and man it's being great!!! Every Monday morning I buy 3-4 news papers before I start working, then I go to to check match up deals, they are not always accurate but I would say 80% is. So this whole week Harris Teeter is having Triple coupon week, which is pretty simple: they triple your coupon's face value up to $.99 but only 20 coupons per I made my list on Tuesday night and first thing on Wednesday there I was, ready for my "hunt" for the freebies and great deals. My first trip (first HT)I got $42 for only $2.60 then I went to another HT and got $53 for $12. Today I got $83 and paid $17 YAY and of course I took pics, cause I am very excited about this its kind of addicting and also this is a blog, and blogs are not blogs without pics so here they are:

Total for the two days of triple coupon $178 paid $32 BIGGGG savings YAY

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We got a sweet little puppy yesterday!!! We are so excited, he is really cute. We have been wanting a yorkie for 3 years now, and we finally got one :) I guess getting a puppy is what people do after buying a house ;)
Here are some pics:

Things about Benjamin:
He is really cuddly;
He loves his little froggy;
He doens't mind hair dryer or clippers hahah;
He was born on December 21st 2010
He probably weights less than 3lbs haha little boy
He runs to me instead Nathan haha
He loves other dogs :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Suzy's baby shower :)

Soooo my sister in law, Suzanne Lineberry, is having a baby girl YAY!!! and we had a baby shower for her at our home, I was so excited to prepare all the cute girlie stuff!!! I didnt get to throw baby showers to my sisters, so I was very happy to do this one for Suzy. Here are some pics:

We all are very happy for Suzanne and Mike, we cant wait to have this precious sweet baby girl around :)