Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our new home...

On March 1st Nathan and I moved from the Lineberry Land, we rented an apartment pretty close to where we work...It was a long journey...our plan was to rent a truck on Friday after we got off work, drive to PA Saturday morning, and come back sunday would be a pretty crazy we decided to leave on Friday for our 8 hours trip, poor Nathan the truck didn't have cruise control, I am so glad I am married to a tuff guy...after 5 hours driving he couldn't feel his foot hahah so I had to step on the gas so he could strech his legs...after that we stoped very quick, cause we wanted to get there sooo we ate and went back to the road...we got in PA at 1a.m. Nathan's mom (Snowflake)was sleeping when we got there, and she was expecting us to get there on saturday afternoon sooo at 6a.m I heard footsteps, someone going to the bathroom, then I put my head out of the door and said: " Snowww!!!" She was so scared...Nathan said I should have scared her for real, since she is the big teaser in the family... It was very funny...the first thing we did was go to Sams clube with snow and Dad to pick up paper supplies for the scrapbook day we were going, and to get a home warming present snow and dad wanted to give us...the present was a awesome kitchen aid mixer...OH MY GOODNESS it is the most awesome gift everrrrr...I LOVE IT!!!!!Then we ( snow and I) went scrapbooking while Nate, daddy and Cory were put all our stuff in the truck...Nathan was so excited to see our things, he kept calling and sending me text messages, after the loaded the truck they went to a furniture store to buy a couch, the he kept sending me pics so I could pic one...we finally decided which one we wanted...I am gonna put some pictures soon... It was a quick visit, but it was really enjoyable, it's always great to spend time with our mom and daddy...they are the best!!!
Soooo we came back no NC, so happy, excited to put everything away, too see our home sweet home ready...We love this apartment, Nate gets all the credits for finding it...but's not the end, the day we were comming back started snowing, and gets better...the GPS took us trough the steep mountains in Virginia...and it keeps getting better...that day everyting closed cause it was going to be the worse snow storm in the past 4 years here in Greensboro, NICE hum?!But we came anyway...after all we survived hahahha...We learned so much during this past months, we grew as a couple, we are so gratful for all the blessings that many times we didn't recognize, Heavenly Father does watch over us. We are very thankful for Suzy and Mike for sharing their home and puppies with us, when we needed so much, we really love you guys and the puppies (Shelby is my favorite haaha), we had such a good time.