Thursday, November 25, 2010

I drove 8 hours straight babe

Soooo my mom and I really wanted to go visit my in-laws in PA, Nathan couldn't take days off sooo the only option available was me driving to PA :O Whatttt??? Thats right, I drove 8 hours straight, maybe 9 cause I got off track trying to find a subway...We had a wonderful time, Snow ( my mother-in-law) took us to NY, I know it was a big sacrifice for her to drive in that crazy city and I am really grateful she was willing to take us, so my mom could see the big apple. Cory and Jordan went with us. We had so much fun, we decided to ride in one of those tour buses, that drives around the city stoping on the main places. we were so excited, it was wonderful until we found out around 8pm that they stoped running at 7pm, what now??? the car was parked down at Battle Park and we were in midtown, so we did it...we took subway!!! From the begging of the day Snow enphasized she did not want take a subway - too many subway law and order episodes- so after we found out about the bus, we headed to the subway station hahha it was sooo funny, it didnt stop at battle park, we were in Brooklyn when we found that out, because onde lady sitting across from us told us where we we got off and took another one...after seing rats the size of cats, missing our stop, being stared by weird people we got at battle park. Jordan liked it though, she said "we are so silly, why didnt we take the subway in the first place?" so funny...we just had to laugh about it all. We went to chuch the next day, and it was great to see the friends I miss so much. We did so many fun things, it was beautuful in PA, I love fall there the colors are so vibrant, the valley was beautiful!!! It's always great spending time with our family, and I am grateful I did drive up there even though my legs were numb for a day. To surprise Nathan I got his favorite pizza, steak and cheese from Duke's and lots of chocolate from Gertrude Hawk, I missed my Nate :)

Thank you for everything Snow and Dad, I love you guys very much
Here are some pics:

Subway sadness