Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New baby

My sister had her baby on November 21st. We are very happy for my family, a baby brings so much joy!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Royal icing roses

I just love making them...and love brown and pink!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I drove 8 hours straight babe

Soooo my mom and I really wanted to go visit my in-laws in PA, Nathan couldn't take days off sooo the only option available was me driving to PA :O Whatttt??? Thats right, I drove 8 hours straight, maybe 9 cause I got off track trying to find a subway...We had a wonderful time, Snow ( my mother-in-law) took us to NY, I know it was a big sacrifice for her to drive in that crazy city and I am really grateful she was willing to take us, so my mom could see the big apple. Cory and Jordan went with us. We had so much fun, we decided to ride in one of those tour buses, that drives around the city stoping on the main places. we were so excited, it was wonderful until we found out around 8pm that they stoped running at 7pm, what now??? the car was parked down at Battle Park and we were in midtown, so we did it...we took subway!!! From the begging of the day Snow enphasized she did not want take a subway - too many subway law and order episodes- so after we found out about the bus, we headed to the subway station hahha it was sooo funny, it didnt stop at battle park, we were in Brooklyn when we found that out, because onde lady sitting across from us told us where we we got off and took another one...after seing rats the size of cats, missing our stop, being stared by weird people we got at battle park. Jordan liked it though, she said "we are so silly, why didnt we take the subway in the first place?" so funny...we just had to laugh about it all. We went to chuch the next day, and it was great to see the friends I miss so much. We did so many fun things, it was beautuful in PA, I love fall there the colors are so vibrant, the valley was beautiful!!! It's always great spending time with our family, and I am grateful I did drive up there even though my legs were numb for a day. To surprise Nathan I got his favorite pizza, steak and cheese from Duke's and lots of chocolate from Gertrude Hawk, I missed my Nate :)

Thank you for everything Snow and Dad, I love you guys very much
Here are some pics:

Subway sadness

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gabriella's 1st Bday

A friend of ours asked me to make a cake for her little girl's 1st Bday, I was really excited to make my first cake for somebody other than my family. So here are some pics

I think it turned pretty cute, huh?

having fun decorating cakes...

My mom and I are taking Wilton cake decorating classes, I have been dreaming about cakes hahah I think I am watching to much those awesome cake are some picturesof some cakes we have done so far.

These are from the Fondant and Gum paste we just completed tonight. I love black and pink so here is my final project:

This was my mom's...cute huh?

This was form the 1st classes I took in basic cake docorating

Decorating cakes has been a lot of fun, I am really enjoying it :) now I have to practice and practice...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cricut Cake

Nathan just got me a Cricut Cake, I am soooo happy cause I love scrapbooking, and now I'll be able to create beautiful mom is teaching me how to use fondant, and I will also take some classes, I think I finaly found what I wanna do as a profession, and I am really excited...of course is gonna take some time and practice to get there, but everybody starts are some pic of my first cakes...

And the bst thing about the cricut cake is I can use all my other cartridges for my cricut create!!! Sooooo Excitinggg....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthdays and Mainha

My mom Arrived YAY!!! Ready to eat lots of delicious food and have lots of fun

On July 28th was my Birthday, and we went to Red Robin to mom and I made some are some pics

And the parties continue...on the 4th was Nate's turn, and my mom made some brazilian goodies and I baked a are some pics

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

counting my blessings...

I am so happy, I have no reasons to complain and I feel very blessed to be able to feel this way. Last month I received a new calling at church - which I am really excited about- I was called to serve in the Young Women program as 2nd counselor, I finally will have to get over my fear to teach in english, which is silly since I feel pretty comfortable with the language by now, but I know Heavenly Father is helping me to overcome my lack of confidence I shall say. Tonight we had so much fun at mutual, we had a "Spa night", the girls are so much fun to work with, before this calling Nate and I were over our ward activities, which can be really stressfull sometimes, because we needed to think of things would please the whole ward, from nursery to adults, and I knew we would never please everybody, and we sure were told when we didn't..oh well I know there is a plan behind every calling at church, and I am sure in this plan the most important thing is to learn. I am very excited to learn on this new calling, learn with the girls and learn with the leaders I am serving with, they are wonderful women. I taught my first lesson 2 weeks ago, the topic was on "Revelation on our daily lives", it's so important to have a good relationship with our Heavenly Father, I would say it is the key for personal revelation, when I think about this key I think about my earthly parents, I didnt grow up with my father so it is really hard to have a close relationship with him, in the other hand with my mom its really easy to communicate, its easy to be myself, to ask for and take her advise. I am thankful that I can have a close relationship with my Father in heaven, to know that He loves and knows me.

So talking about counting my blessings, 2 weeks ago my mom had her interview to get a visa to come here to visit us. We were so afraid she wouldn't get it because last September she tried and she was denied, it was really sad for her and for us. So we prayed and asked our friends to pray for her. It has been 2 years since I saw her, and 3 since Nathan saw her, so it was really important for all of us for this to work out this time. Soooo She got it :) they gave her an one year visa and she is coming next tuesday the 27th a day before my B-day, she is going to stay untill Dec 1st, she has to go back to help my sister Noeme, she is having a baby in december, it's a baby boy his name is going to be Julio Cesar. this is all for tonight, when my mom arrives I will take lots of pics and post them here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Novo Chamado na igreja

eu e Nathan fomos responsaveis pelas atividades da nossa Ala por dois anos, e hoje fomos desordenados desse chamado. Sou grata por ter aceitado esse desafio, pois em minha cabeca eu nao tinha criatividade alguma, mas mais uma vez o Senhor me provou que podemos exercer qualquer chamado desde que coloquemos nas maos Dele e facamos nossa parte. Sou muito grata pelo crescimento pessoal que tivemos, pela oportunidade de conhecer melhor os membros de nossa nova ala atraves das atividades, servicos prestados. Quando nos acostumamos com o chamado o Senhor nos da outro...pois 'e foi isso que aconteceu, Nathan esta trabalhando com os rapazes por um tempo, nos dois tinhamos 2 chamados, agora cada um de nos temos um. Hoje fui ordenada segunda conselheira na organizacao das mocas, estou super animada, pois trabalhar com as mocas 'e sempre divertido, e nao faz tanto tempo assim que sai dessa organizacao :)
Estou super animada!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What now???

Spring is gone and all my favorite shows are gone as more Castle, 30 Rock, The Office, Community, The vampire Diaries, Glee and American Idol...That's right I have my whole week planned out during the fall...Now that we have more channels I need to find some good shows, cause I dont wanna watch "the real housewives of orange county/NY/NJ/Atlanta..." or "Toddlers and Tiaras". I need some new shows to entertain myself, any suggestions???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ok, 6 months is a long time...

January - May
It has been 6 months since I posted something in our blog, my mother in law called yesteday and told Nathan we had to write something, 'cause the last thing in our blog was "brazilian chrismas cookies" haha she is funny, isn't she? Well normally I would say that "nothing has happended", or " we dont' have news" but things are actually happening...nope, no babie Poindexter on the way...but Nathan got a new job, he is officially a bread man now, yep he bought his route. Heavenly Father blessed us big time on this one...there are over 20 routes in this area, and they hardly open because is such a good oportunity, thennn one route 5 minutes from where we live opened up, and of course Nate got it!!! He is really happy and of course I am very happy for him as well. No boss and he makes his own hours, it can't get any better than that...

Also we finally got a 2nd car which is pretty awesome, 'cause now we don't have to ask for rides, I dont have to start riding a bus (which according to Nathan is not like in Brazil, things can get really creepy in a bus here), and I dont have to start walking to lazy did I become? I love my car!!

We also hosted Easter this year, it was the first time we hosted something for the family. Snow (Diane - Nathan's mom) brought a very nice surprise, the new addition to the family: Gia Poindexter. No, she didn't have a baby, Gia is her Chihuahua, she is adorable, so friendly and sweet, and I can't forget to mention how protective she is, if u got close to Snow she would bark until your ears bled..not kidding, yes I am...or am I? We made some carrot cupcakes, they turned out pretty cute, just the fake grass didnt taste so good, next time I will use coconut, I also made a delicious cheese cake, I love making desserts and cute things, so I was in heaven preparing for the big day. Suzy made the most adorable Easter baskets I've ever seen, she is so thoughtful, she filled the baskets with our favorite treats!!! Thanks Suzy!!! Our friends Becca and Jamey came as well, we had a great time.

The following month we had Corey and Jordan visiting us, we had a blast. Jordan is such a sweet girl, I am so glad we get along so well. I love her very very much, so glad to have gained another niece!!! Their trip was short, only for the weekend, but it was fun to have them here for the first time, hope next time they can stay a little longer!!

to be continued...