Saturday, August 29, 2009


Time to tell all about the awesome time we had with Snowflake, Jordan and Corey in Disney World...

Should have gone with plan A...

So, Cory and Jordan didn't know we were coming and we were trying to figure it out how to surprise him. The first plan, or plan A was to send him a text message saying: "why do you have a blue T-shirt on?" or " nice t-shirt you have on" something like that...Plan B (the failure) sneak behind him tickle and scare him PS: Corey doesn't like to be tickled or here is what happened: then, he whipped Nathan's arm with his wicker hat... Yeah, I did take a pic...hahah After the welcomings, we went to our room to change, so we could enjoy the pool with the family...Jordan was so happy, she is getting so big, cuter and cuter every day... The hotel was great, made me wanna watch toy story

The little Teeth...

It was pretty warm in Fl, reminded me of Brazil!!! That first night we went to Chef Mickey for dinner, on our way there it was necessary for us to take a escalator down to the restaurant. Snow was holding Jordan's hand, making sure she got on okay. Meanwhile, (we are still not sure how) Snow fell. She layed there, motionless and speechless. We were behind her confused...she was laughing so hard, she couldn't pull herself back up. When she finally got up she said "little teeth" on the escalator stair bit her (on her arm and leg). We hate to see Snow get hurt, but it was very funny... In the morning we went to the breakfast with the princesses, Nathan wore a hat ( that he took off when we were inside), didn't wear his contacts, and hadn't shaved ( what was he thinking?...). So all the princesses passed by every table to take pictures with the kids...when I stepped up to take a pic with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she looked at Nathan and with her princess-like delicate voice and asked " Is that your handsome beast?" hahaha and I said: " Yes he is!". Snow and I kept teasing him all day... It's a Small World... That was Jordan's favorite ride, after going on it 5 times she even new the dance the dolls were doing...soo funny!!! I put together a slide with some pictures of this awesome trip...hope you enjoy

We loved our vacation, It was WONDERFULLLLL!!!!We miss you guys already, we had a fantastic time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Loving my new calling...

2 weeks ago I was called to be the nursery song leader (is that right)? Oh well I am responsible for the singing time with the babies ( 1 1/2 - 3 year old kids)...and I AM LOVING IT!!! sure I had to give Nathan a hard time, telling him I wouldn't be able to do it, I didn't grow up in the church bla bla bla...and as usual he had to convince me I could do it..awww Nate you are the best!!! Also our good friend Becca helped me out A LOT!!!
So, I started looking for cute stuff to do, and oh man I love my cricut, I even made little Itsy Vitsy Spiders, they love it...It feels great having fun with little ones, I feel like I am gonna be a awesome mother someday hahaha... Becca let me practice the songs with her 2 year old boy Eli, he a funny kid I love spending time with him...There is a song called Hinges I just sang with the kids last Sunday and here is how it goes - I promise I have a point for writing down this song other than just showing you how cute these nursery songs are-
" I am all made of hinges 'cause everything bends,
from the top of my neck way down to my ends,
I and hinges in front, and I am Hinges in back,
But I have to be Hinges or else I would CRACK" the crack part I fall on the ground, the kids love it!!!

Sooo two nights ago Becca told me Eli asked her to sing the CRACK song for him...Ohh Gosh, I am glad Becca knows this one, imagine what a parent would think?! I love doing the movements during the songs and being goofy...I am gonna post pictures soon...

Look how adorable the Itsy Bitsy spiders I made with my cricut (I love you cricut)