Sunday, June 20, 2010

Novo Chamado na igreja

eu e Nathan fomos responsaveis pelas atividades da nossa Ala por dois anos, e hoje fomos desordenados desse chamado. Sou grata por ter aceitado esse desafio, pois em minha cabeca eu nao tinha criatividade alguma, mas mais uma vez o Senhor me provou que podemos exercer qualquer chamado desde que coloquemos nas maos Dele e facamos nossa parte. Sou muito grata pelo crescimento pessoal que tivemos, pela oportunidade de conhecer melhor os membros de nossa nova ala atraves das atividades, servicos prestados. Quando nos acostumamos com o chamado o Senhor nos da outro...pois 'e foi isso que aconteceu, Nathan esta trabalhando com os rapazes por um tempo, nos dois tinhamos 2 chamados, agora cada um de nos temos um. Hoje fui ordenada segunda conselheira na organizacao das mocas, estou super animada, pois trabalhar com as mocas 'e sempre divertido, e nao faz tanto tempo assim que sai dessa organizacao :)
Estou super animada!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What now???

Spring is gone and all my favorite shows are gone as more Castle, 30 Rock, The Office, Community, The vampire Diaries, Glee and American Idol...That's right I have my whole week planned out during the fall...Now that we have more channels I need to find some good shows, cause I dont wanna watch "the real housewives of orange county/NY/NJ/Atlanta..." or "Toddlers and Tiaras". I need some new shows to entertain myself, any suggestions???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ok, 6 months is a long time...

January - May
It has been 6 months since I posted something in our blog, my mother in law called yesteday and told Nathan we had to write something, 'cause the last thing in our blog was "brazilian chrismas cookies" haha she is funny, isn't she? Well normally I would say that "nothing has happended", or " we dont' have news" but things are actually happening...nope, no babie Poindexter on the way...but Nathan got a new job, he is officially a bread man now, yep he bought his route. Heavenly Father blessed us big time on this one...there are over 20 routes in this area, and they hardly open because is such a good oportunity, thennn one route 5 minutes from where we live opened up, and of course Nate got it!!! He is really happy and of course I am very happy for him as well. No boss and he makes his own hours, it can't get any better than that...

Also we finally got a 2nd car which is pretty awesome, 'cause now we don't have to ask for rides, I dont have to start riding a bus (which according to Nathan is not like in Brazil, things can get really creepy in a bus here), and I dont have to start walking to lazy did I become? I love my car!!

We also hosted Easter this year, it was the first time we hosted something for the family. Snow (Diane - Nathan's mom) brought a very nice surprise, the new addition to the family: Gia Poindexter. No, she didn't have a baby, Gia is her Chihuahua, she is adorable, so friendly and sweet, and I can't forget to mention how protective she is, if u got close to Snow she would bark until your ears bled..not kidding, yes I am...or am I? We made some carrot cupcakes, they turned out pretty cute, just the fake grass didnt taste so good, next time I will use coconut, I also made a delicious cheese cake, I love making desserts and cute things, so I was in heaven preparing for the big day. Suzy made the most adorable Easter baskets I've ever seen, she is so thoughtful, she filled the baskets with our favorite treats!!! Thanks Suzy!!! Our friends Becca and Jamey came as well, we had a great time.

The following month we had Corey and Jordan visiting us, we had a blast. Jordan is such a sweet girl, I am so glad we get along so well. I love her very very much, so glad to have gained another niece!!! Their trip was short, only for the weekend, but it was fun to have them here for the first time, hope next time they can stay a little longer!!

to be continued...