Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am a Fanpire !!!! I Love the Twilight Saga

 I heard a couple times at the UPS store (@ work) about the twilight saga, good vampires?A vampire and a human in love? hummm when we went to PA for Thanksgiving I heard even more about it at church...soooo i decided to read since I developed this good habit of reading ( during the morning when it is slow at work I just read it has been awesome)sooo I couldn't put the book down, the history is awesome, it's so romantic, and dangerous, and funny, I read the whole thing last weekend I am in love with it...I can't wait to watch the movie!!! Now I am reading the second book called New Moon, but last night mike called saying he was at Target and there were all the books, he asked if I wanted him to pick the 2 I don't have up and of course i said YESSS i have all of you can see :) Soooo let me go back to my book it's getting more and more exciting!!!  " About three things I was absolutely positive.    First, Edward was a vampire.    Second, there was a part of him - and I didn't know how dominat that part might be - the thirsted fir my blood.    And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocablt in love with him."   Awww the is so romantic hahaha I wanna cry hahaha just kidding...just kidding about the crying part ( just a little bit).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 years in US

December 10th of 2006...Nathan was waiting for me with his parents at JFK airport, my flight was late what made both of us even more anxious hahaha..." you were the last person to came out" he told me was so wonderful to be together after long months waiting for my visa, just chatting online...but I got to say that technology was a wonderful blessing hahahah...I was so tired after a long flight, but at the same time very very happy...
The time goes by very fast...we really need to enjoy our journey here on earth as President Monson said!! I miss my family very much, but Heavenly Father provided me nathan's wonderful family to whom I am a part of now...Thanks everybody for making me feel home!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is a nice one....

Here we go...
Last night Suzane showed us a website were you can see which song was number one on the date of our birth...Listen to our classics ...
Nathan's... He was so excited about his song ...

"Every Breath you Take" by The Police

Mine was "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera

But the best one was Snowflake's ( Nate's Mom) song.. Here we gooo

Please take you time to listen to this one and enjoy it!!!

Here is the website in case you want to find out your song!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

3 Months of North Carolina...

Hum... I can't believe that has been 3 months since we moved from PA, I miss my friends sooo bad :( But I know Heavenly Father is watching over us, so everything is fine...

On July 28th ( yes, on my B-Day) I got a job yeahhh, I am working at the UPS store, I am learning everything about mailling, shipping, packing...and chess...yeah that's right CHESS the game...My Boss Jim is very goos at it, I call him the master of chess...but I am learning fast, so fast that i BEAT him once, yeah I did...I am a quick learner I think it is a gift hahaha JK, I think he was beeing kind... my work I am practicing english a lot, and spanish and also portuguese...I am so glad that I am having this opportunity to learn 2 other language, other than my native language, I really feel like my brain is beeing used hahah

I am liking my job a lot, the people I work with are very nice to me, and patient, I am having a blast...And you know what else is awesome???!!! I don't work on weekends, yeah saturdays and sundays off....I am really enjoying...But also I am excited to get residence here and became able to study next year, I am loking forward to going back to school, now I am feeling more confortable w/ the langauage and everything else, I think the time will be perfect.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nathan's B-Day Yeahhh

Nathan's B-Day

Yeah!!! My boy is 25 now!!! On August 4th was nate's birthday... I woke him up with gifts and good morning B-day boy kisses...and ofcourse our traditional song for holidays and special ocasions "It's your Birthday lalalalala, it's your Birthday lalalalala...Bithday...lalala...Day...laaaa"...after that i had to go to work :(
Nate, Suzy and Mike went to Red Robbin OOOOO for nate's happy burger-day yeahhh...when i got home at 4 we all went swimming, it was very fun, we had such a good time, specially because here in NC is very hot right now, it is brutal :(
We came back home got ready and went to Leblon Churrascaria YEAHHHH Meat meat meat and more meat...some chicken and sausage as well...but our target was the top sirloin YEAH...delicious and juicy top sirloin...hummm...We took lots and lots of pictures, we ate a lot, and made new friends, it was very fun, nathan got a free desert with a candle and a strawberry on top nice!!! and i took more pictures that time we were all full, thinking "Why did we do that" hahahha Mike was sad because he couldn't bring some meat to GoGo Bear for his B-day which was last friday Awwww he is a big boy now, 3 years old such a handsome boy uuuu!!
Then we came home, everybody felling kinda sick, hahahha "Why did we do that"...

It was a very fun way to celebrate Nathan's Birthday, he was very happy and full, and had lots of new toys hahahha

Love you my xuxu de minha vida!!! You mean the world to me, and you know that!!!

I am soooo thankful for having you in my life as my eternal companion, you have such a wonderful heart and spirit!!!I love you very much!! Thank you for everything Gostosura da minha vidaaaaaaaaa
Sua sempre

Aline's B-Day

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aline's Birthday

On July 28th was my B-day!!! Yeahhh and my first day at my new job at the UPS store Yeahhh again...Suzy and Mike took me to Red Robin ooooooo...It was very fun, I got a free burger a BIG YEAHHH now!!!! Unfortunatly Nathan was at work :( that was the sad part...I turned 22 wow the time is going by so fast, I remember when I was a fragil little girl...hey hold on a second...I am still fragil and little awww but now I am a woman, very happy and full of hopes, goals and dreams...married and ready to go after those dreams with my eternal companion....Life is wonderful!!! I missed my family in Brazil so much that day, my mom used to make delicious cake and treats for me on my B-day...momyyyy I miss you and your treats :( !!!
Suzy and Mike were so excited about having fried egg on their Brazil it is very took me a whie to realize why they were so happy about that fried egg...but it was really me if fried egg in your burger sounds weird don't worry it is good...very good..sooo good talking about it is making me hungry :)
Ahhh when I got home from work I found lots of goodies from my hubby, Nathan and his surprises awww Love you too XUXU!!! The best part was a card he picked...Ohh my gosh what a beautiful mensage on it...and he wrote such nice words...I am so lucky!!! Love you so muchhhh delicinhoooo!!!

Thank you sooo much guys for making my Birthday such a special day!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation Time!!!

We had a wonderful time in Carolina Beach for our vacation this july!!! We had so much fun...Snowflake, Dad, Missy Miss Ccc, Corey, Jordan and our friends Jarluce and Andre Postigo came all the way from Pennsylvania almost 12 hours driving wow!!! Mike, Suzy, Nathan and I drove 3 hours Yeah!!! Everything were so perfect, the house, the family and friends together, the beach almost in front of our house, the great wether...Ohhh we just had a blessed time... We went to the beach everyday, with or without the sun hahaha...look how tan we are

This picture above we were in a Dinner cruise that Dad and Snow took was great, I will upload pictures of this cruise soon...