Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...And the super double week comes to an end...

So, I had an awesome week!!! My sister and law and I are couponing together, which makes the whole thing a lot more fun. We have been hanging out almost every day to talk coupon, clip, look for deals and share what deals we got that day, Nathan and Mike are also happy, cause they not only have delicious food at all times but they play video games while Suzy and I got ready for the next day trip.

So every month (since I started couponing is as far as I know) Harris Teeter -HT-have Super doubles coupon week or Tripple coupon week, this month was super doubles where they double any coupon that has a face value up to $1.98, its THE week for couponners like myself haha I went to HT everyday this week, cause they have a limit of coupons you can use per day. So here are my total for this week's awesome shopping trips: $477.56 in groceries and I paid $79.87 and that is after vic card savings, I didnt check how much would've been without my card, I should cause that would been even more exciting YAY for savings!!!

I am so excited, even Nathan is super exited he keeps telling people that we have aluminum foil and Ziploc bags for 5 years (I did stock us up on those) haha funny story, when I first started couponing he said: "for every dollar you save, i will give you in cash" so today I told him he owed me almost $400!!! Everybody should do this, it's pretty impressive how much you can save in groceries and even get LOTS of free stuff that would normally be pretty pricey.